Hello there !!! I might draw that some day because I like the idea ^^ It’s not exactly what you asked for but I have this headcanon that Percy and Annabeth end up with three daughters. I think Percy would make an amazing (and very happy) stay-at-home dad while Annabeth is becoming a world-famous kickass architect (who still spend a lot of time with her family) ^^ I did a drawing a couple of months ago but never posted it because I was unsastified with it (I was sooo uninspired while coloring this one, sorry guys) but since it’s slightly close to what you are asking for, here it is. 

I have more ideas about that headcanon. For instance the second daughter totally have a hero-worship crush on older!Nico, and plan to be covered in tattoos like him when she grows up. (as she very seriously explain to Percy and Annabeth after her kindergarden teacher ask them why she keeps drawing on her own arms during art sessions)

I need names for the girls !! I think Annabeth would want to name them after amazing women who achieved great things. Any ideas guys? 

(sorry for the weird editing, but I forgot that if I post that picture as an answer to the ask it’s gonna be ridiculously small)